Aerodynamics And Hydrodynamics Of The Marine Life And Makes use of For AI, UAVs, Robotics, And The

Air has 750 instances significantly less density as the oceans, however so several of the exact same principles apply there as effectively. We are rather familiar with marine life and the functionality skills of sharks, dolphins, penguins, fish, alligators, and so on. Mankind is rather fascinated by marine life and normally tries to use these observations to make devices to serve him.

A Terrific White Shark can swim 7 instances as quick as the Olympic swimmers in Athens taking the gold this year, however it is not even close to becoming the quickest in the water. Strong, yes certainly, but the will need for speed limits its skills to catch some of its favourite meals. Fortunately humans are not a single of them, as substantially as JAWS I, II and III would have you think. The Terrific White Shark swims at about 25 mph. Squids can move by way of the water at 20 mph. The Blue Shark has been clocked in quick bursts at 43 mph however its typical cruising speed in open water is amongst 17.7 and 24.five mph. The Make Quick Fin can travel at 10 instances its physique length per second, which is rather quick and amounts to more than 46 mph at top rated speed. It can accelerate at 45 feet per second/ per second, quicker than a rock can fall or a human accelerates immediately after he departs a completely excellent airplane in search for an adrenaline rush to obtain sense of goal. A human can swim at five.04 mph, but only for quick distances and you have to be a Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps to it for really lengthy.

As excellent as these super star athletes are, they are no match for evolution, devoid of modification. You could be delighted to know that a barracuda will catch you and nibble prior to a wonderful white shark will catch you in open water, they can swim at 27 mph, a single of the quickest, effectively and hungriest fish in the water. Mammal Sea Life is rather adapted Sea Lion 25 mph, Typical Dolphin 24.7, Gentoo Penguin 17, Blue Whale 29.76, Bottle Nose Dolphin 17 mph. Lots of of the fish eaten by the marine life of prey are also rather adapted for instance the Pacific Salmon can swim at 14 mph. Then there are the flying fish, these, which leap out of the water and develop into airborne, therefore proving that there is a similarity amongst the two realms. The flying fish flies at 35 mph and has been recognized to fly ideal into a boat, for an uncomplicated catch. The Leaping Albacore Tuna leaps at 40 mph wonderful sushi no doubt, the Yellow Fin Tuna at 46.35, the Sword Fish 60 mph and the Sail Fish at 68 mph. Right here is a claim from Barbados that a flying fish was clocked at 55 mph?

Properly perhaps, but not if Hurricane Ivan has something to say about it due to the fact if that fish pops out of the water it is liable to be carrying out some 135 mph inside a handful of feet of leaving the waters surface and could be airborne for rather a when as well? Now that would surely be a new record.

Does this imply we could also want to appear at Fish and Sea Life Evolution in the aerodynamic styles of aircraft, UAVs, Blimps and Olympic Swim Gear? Yes, this is a single of the points of this dialogue. Does this imply we need to appear at aviation styles for submarine, AUVs, ship hulls and underwater submersibles? Ought to we also be designing underwater bases for aircraft, spacecraft and double use vessels? Flying AUVs, which develop into UAVs? Designing flying torpedoes, Mechanical Fish and MAVs, which appear like the flying fish photo as well? Yes, it does. If you created a mechanical fish what excellent would it be? Hunting water mines, information relays, extra net-centric communication unit?


If nature can do these items, so can we and we have been continuously re-designing and bettering natures solutions. If an eagle has three-four superior instances the eye sight and can see, react and adapt when in-flight that immediately, however has significantly less of a brain to coordinate all the information however has also created triple the reflex or response time, need to we be searching into how this is carried out? For instance does an Eagle use some sort of visual frame bursting, for instance it knows the form of fish it likes to consume which tastes excellent and is the ideal weight and size and when it sees this it’s brain fills in the facts and it’s eyes only concentrate on the slight variations of motion and detail so it knows exactly where to choose it up at and how ideal to snatch it out of the water? We know that our brains use up about 45% of the brain capacity in visual cognition. What does the Eagle do with all the several flights and all that information for it’s memory, it can not possibly shop it all, does it have a Random Access Memory Information dump like when you windows laptop crashes? Does it only save the frames and simple shapes and let the eyes fill in the rest of the facts every time? We need to test this as it is essential to know.

We know the human brain can be fooled normally adequate when anything seems to be close to anything we are familiar with. What can we discover from these birds in addition to their aerodynamics. Is it attainable to play optical tricks on an Eagle? For instance make a tiny AUV, which mimics a salmon fish? Will the Eagle be fooled by this? Old Eagle eyes, or will the Eagles superb eye sight trigger a further wave in it’s brain, as if to ask itself “Hey anything is fishy about that fish?” Would such a believed from an Eagle drastically activate it’s brain for a second appear, prior to diving upon it’s prey? It seems in humans this does activate an extra brain wave.

Due to the fact Eagles do not flock are do they communicate and navigate, migrate making use of ELF, entangled brains with other eagles? Only their quick households from the exact same mother or nest? This as well would be of worth for figuring out AI for robotic UAVs as element of the net centric warfare scenario.

As we appear at Artificial Intelligence models probably we need to be searching at other species, which look to be in a position to do extra with significantly less. Much less brain capacity, however nevertheless assume. Possibly we ought to dump the ego into pondering that mankind is the only animal which can cause and adapt on this Planet, we have important proof of other animals right here carrying out rather fine in the pondering area. If we open our minds we may perhaps uncover other species may perhaps in truth supercede our skills in several elements. Is the future of robotics going to the birds with regards to UAVs and MAVs as the desires of mankind and the competitiveness of the species appears towards innovation as the ultimate contest and in our speed to obtain we uncover ourselves bettering hundreds of thousands of years of evolution with breakthrough immediately after break by way of?

Robots to genuinely help us should have some fuzzy logic capabilities at minimum and to be most productive they should also have some artificial intelligence capabilities to serve our desires, as mankind has no finish in sight to the tasks it wishes to assign to robotic apparatuses.

Press-on will resolve all that mankind desires. There are clues everywhere and a single could ask what is taking us so lengthy anyway, exactly where would you like to go nowadays? We will need to ratchet up the pondering right here and move forward in this arena.