How organized are you?

If your home is less than stellar and you struggle to keep your office, bedroom, playroom, or hobby room organized, you're certainly not alone! Many people have far too many things in far too little space, at home and in their office. To get you and your family organized, have you considered using tack boards in different rooms of your home?

The use of tack bulletin boards is far superior to other forms of organizing because it's much more attractive and keeps your things at your fingertips, unlike other shelving and storage systems. Using fabric covered tack bulletin boards can mean getting items off the floor and keeping them spread out, evenly on display. And since it means using fabric instead of cork board materials or plastic, it can be a very attractive way to get your home in tiptop shape.

The key to using fabric tack boards effectively is to understand its use and to know how to organize your items once you have it installed. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

In the Office

Keeping your papers organized at home can be a challenge, and using plastic containers and cork boards for being organized can be unsightly. The use of fabric covered tack boards for your home office can mean getting your papers organized in a way that's attractive yet efficient. You still need to file away some papers, but having tack boards along one wall (or more than one wall) can mean keeping important papers out and within eyesight. It can also mean being able to hang up a calendar, important reminders, and even a few photographs or other personal items.

By using tack bulletin boards in this way you can keep projects and things you're working on currently organized as well. For example, you can hang up receipts that still need to be entered into your checking register. In this way they won't get lost and you won't forget to record them, as you might if they were lost on your desk rather than visible on the fabric covered tack board.

For Hobbies and Children

Keeping your hobbies and children's projects and homework organized is a challenge for many homes. Using a fabric tack bulletin board in the den or family room and the children's rooms can help in this regard. They can hang up homework papers and assignments so they don't get lost. You can also use large hooks on the tack board to hang up backpacks, umbrellas, and other items that may also get lost in a closet or child's room.

Consider using tack boards for scrapbooks and other hobbies. You can hang pages on the tack board from a binder clip, or tack up small storage bins and cubes to keep your supplies handy and organized. Once you start thinking of how to use this product in your home, you may be surprised at how well it can keep your entire family organized. So why not look at some samples of tack boards for your own home and see how you can finally get yourself and your entire family organized!