Integrated dwelling systems may well incorporate all or any of the following:-

  • Video sources to several rooms making use of show gear from TFT, Plasma, Projection and Computer connectivity.
  • Audio distribution of CD primarily based music, digital radio, digital Television broadcasts from terrestrial and satellite broadcasters, cable and increasingly more than the world wide web.
  • Information connections for the use of dwelling networked computer systems access to the world wide web by way of broadband, ISDN and satellite Safety handle of cameras, recording devices and access handle.
  • Manage of lighting, heating and other domestic solutions (cookers, washing machines and extra)

The central core of any technique is not the nature of the gear applied but how that gear is connected to a central command and handle centre. The cabling systems employed will figure out no matter if future advances in technologies are going to be out there to the residence owner devoid of recourse to pricey re-wiring or installation of new handle systems.

The initial principle is to use a central hub and send a set of cables to every of the destinations – sending to a single location and then looping or splicing to the subsequent 1 brings into play a multitude of future challenges of connectivity and reliability a single fault at any provided point will influence anything additional down that chain. A central hub guarantees there is 1 point of reference for fault place and that every distribution point is not reliant on another's operation.

Video connectivity at a single point is normally by way of scart, RF, DVi or comparable connection. Employing a central video supply be this DVD, satellite box or other video player, transmission by way of any of the above cables causes challenges of bulk, price and loss of signal more than a lengthy run. Video connectivity, when distributed all through a single dwelling, is most effective served making use of higher high-quality co-ax cable such as RG59/u runs as a composite signal. For the ultimate video connectivity, signals ought to be sent element (YUV) but this demands three cables to every point of use.

Information transmission for laptop or computer connectivity to the world wide web is most effective accomplished making use of a Cat5e cable technique back to a central router/hub. This enables all computer systems to share world wide web access for net, e-mail and outdoors communications.

Phone systems ought to also be connected making use of yet another Cat5e cable network which guarantees systems are once more routed back to a central point and then to the outdoors globe.

Audio distribution from a central CD server to every area making use of digital cable operating line level signals to nearby amplifier speakers will allow any 1 of four million channels to be chosen: classical music for the parents, heavy rock to Kevin the Teenager and Measures to the Tiny Princess with excellent old Terry Wogan to the kitchen. Moreover it may well be preferable to run the amplification centrally making use of a zone amplifier: this can then send the audio direct to the speakers at the preferred location.

Should really you want to distribute laptop or computer video signals this can be completed making use of VGA cable which is bulky and pricey. On the other hand, connectivity may well be much better accomplished making use of a Cat5e network which enables information and audio to be encoded and sent down a substantially thinner and more affordable cable to every location point.

Fibre optics may well be applied but have critical price implications and physically for many channels the cables have minimum bend radii which normally are complicated to accomplish in a domestic atmosphere. The benefit is that future connectivity is assured, but will call for third celebration educated personnel for set-up and upkeep as a result adding to prospective fees.

Wireless networks are feasible although regardless of claims to the contrary are not 100% safe so placing your safety technique or sensitive laptop or computer connection on a wireless connection may well give flexibility but does expose a weak hyperlink in the technique which the determined could break into.

To give maximum flexibility it is a excellent concept to run a cable from the central command point to every area exactly where handle is essential for every of the following components:-

    • 1 x RG59/u for video – transmit
    • 1 x RG59/u or 1 x Cat5e for video acquire from safety CCTV
  • 1 x Cat5e for laptop or computer network
  • 1 x cat5e for phone (4 lines probable per cable)
  • 1 x cat5E as a handle wire (increasingly this will come to be a widespread handle protocol for lighting, heating and new gear – fridges, cookers, washing machines will doubtless have Computer chips inside a handful of years, some currently do)
  • 1 x Cat5e for future expansion
  • All cables to be bunched and sleeved enabling a single pull by way of at initial repair
  • Cables terminate in a recessed wall panel with the proper cable sockets.
  • Cable runs to be pipe encased for future access.
  • 1 x fish wire per run – separate to initial initial repair bundle (enables future cables to be pulled by way of)
  • In a two storey residence cables are most effective run from ground floor to initial floor and run by way of void amongst ground and initial floor and then run up/ down walls to essential points.
  • Central command point ought to be positioned inside the principal fabric of the creating this can be in a utility area, basement, a garage can be applied but safety may well be an concern. With this infrastructure in location the technique may well then be added to and configured devoid of limit to the quantity or form of devices applied, delivering the area in query does have a patch panel.